All of KOU CUISINE's delicious fruit jams are completely home made. We have hand selected the freshest mangos and bananas from islands of Bali and Java, slow cooked in our selected utensils. Simple flavor brings out the natural fruit sweetness and aroma. You can enjoy it on bread, with yogurt, and use in cooking. Enjoy the rich Balinese breakfast time with KOU CUISINE's jam. You can feel the breeze from Bali at your breakfast table.


Village of Kusamba in East Bali is well known for making home made salt from their own traditional method. Sea salt crystals that were created from this process are so precious and contain minerals and natural sweetness. Sea salt bring out the natural flavors of fresh ingredients. Try this sea salt alone with fresh vegetables, meat, and fish. You are sure to enjoy the goodness of this sea salt. We, at KOU CUISINE, buy sea salt directly from the village of Kusamba, and use our own methods to get rid of small unwanted materials such as sand. Please be assured of its safety. and use in cooking daily.


KOU CUISINE sells local and exotic various flavor's pure honeys. Honey is a great natural energy source. Bees symbiotically with nature of Bali give us pure honey from the forest tree such as Calliandra, Coffee, Longan, and Mango.
Enjoy the various flavors of honey which is blessings of Bali!

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