KOU Bali - Natural Soap

Long-lasting, sensuous, and in balance with nature, KOU is in harmony with your body. We aim to give you 100% hand-made soap with the finest organic ingredients so that you can enjoy a luxurious bath-time, stress-free and revitalized.
KOU Soap are carefully made, individually, and using a traditional ageing process, where it is matured over one month. Our experts specially formulate the essential oils and organic plants, which are all grown and harvested in Bali. We hope that you will enjoy a warm and luxurious bath-time in the comfort of our soap. And as it is free of any additives and preservatives, we hope that it may give you further peace of mind.
KOU Soap is made from pure-coconut oil, that is to say that it contains natural glycerine that provides a fine moisturizing foam for your skin. Please enjoy it’s luxurious texture by applying it by hand.

Temporarily Closed and currently open at KOU CUISINE

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